Artist’s Statement

Towers form the main body of my work. The tower refers to: The Tower of Babel and is a symbol of power. My ceramic sculptures are an unorthodox protest against sterile, modern architecture.

The Spanish architect, Gaudi, is one of my main influences. Hundertwasser, Russian architecture, Outsider Art and Gustav Klimt inform my sculptures.

My sculptures are inspired by the appearance of flowers from South Africa. Other forms in nature such as shells influence my work. My recent sculptures are inspired by trees such as the South African Milkwood Tree and the Juniper Tree. A tree is often a religious symbol. In the Bible a Juniper Tree with an angelic presence sheltered the prophet Elijah from Queen Jezebel’s pursuit.

I explore the idea of why everyday objects are endued with religious significance. At the same time exploring the dualism between superficial ‘ornament’ and deeper spiritual meaning attached to religious iconography.

These influences are combined to create my own individual and imaginative version of architecture and nature. My domed sculptures are reminiscent of fairy tale castles, but with a humorous perspective on it. I elaborate on the idea of the house as a container of effects.